External financial officer

These days, firms must be able to make decisions ever more quickly. To keep pace, they must have a well-designed accounting system in place that also meets their specific requirements. Once firms reach a certain size, annual appraisals no longer provide them with the necessary level and detail of information. What these businesses need is a well thought-out budget that also covers liquidity planning, as well as quarterly and/or monthly financial statements. It is vital that this information is up-to-date and presented clearly. Another important requirement is cost-accounting, as this will facilitate day-to-day calculations.

Our services

  • analysis of the processes currently in place, as well as any needs you might have
  • adaptation of the required structure to the accounting system you currently use
  • budgeting, liquidity planning and cash flow analysis
  • reporting
  • month-end, quarter-end and year-end financial statements
  • cost accounting
  • implementation within a reasonable period of time

Should our client require it, our external financial officer can liaise with third parties. For example, we can negotiate a new bank loan on your behalf, or discuss your annual accounts or your budget and liquidity planning.

Given the increasing importance that banks afford client ratings it is essential that when borrowing money, you are able to provide your creditor with open and transparent information about your company finances. The quality f the documentation you provide and the mutual trust between you and your bank can have a major influence on the rating of your company and ultimately your credit conditions.

In the interests of maximum efficiency, the external financial officer we provide will work for the most part in your offices.

Thanks to our long-standing experience as accountants and external financial officers, we know precisely what information you need. We are also best placed to organise your accounting system in such a way that it can provide you with the facts you require, while keeping system changes to a minimum.